DTS Orders Instructions

Here is some required information to include on your orders when creating them in the Defense Travel System:
1. On the “Trip Overview” page: choose or input the following information:
     - Departing On:  5 Dec 16 (overseas attendees are authorized to travel 4 Dec 16)
     - Trip Type:  AA-ROUTINE TDY/TAD
     - Trip Purpose:  TRAINING ATTENDANCE
     - Trip Description:  Air Force Public Affairs Professional Development Seminar
     - TDY Location:  LEESBURG, VA
     - Arriving On:    5 Dec 16 (overseas attendees are authorized to travel 4 Dec 16)
     - Departing On (return trip):  9 Dec 16 (those who have MAJCOM breakouts on Friday and cannot depart on 9 Dec because there are no available flights or who will not be able to travel safely on that date are authorized to leave 10 Dec)
     - At this location I will need:  Do not check the Lodging block since group lodging is reserved at the National Conference Center
     - At this location I will need:  Do not check the Rental Car block unless your unit is paying for a rental car 
     - Conference/Event Name: check Not Applicable
2. On the “Travel – Air” page: the arrival airport is “IAD - Washington, DC (USA) (Dulles Apt).” 
3. On the “Expenses – Non Mileage” page:
     a. Provide an estimate for travel to and from your airport, if you are taking public transportation or taxi 
     b. If you are driving to your airport, enter an estimate for airport parking 
     c. Input $35 shuttle service one-way to and from Dulles airport ($70 total)
     d. Input $20.28 per night for Hotel Room Tax (i.e., $81.12 if staying 4 nights)
     e. Civilian employees will also need to add $25 airline baggage fees on your trip to Washington, DC and from Washington, DC.  Most airlines exempt servicemembers from paying baggage fees.
4. On the “Expenses – Mileage” page: add the mileage to and from your airport, if you are driving to the airport or having someone use your car to drop you off.  If someone is dropping you off using your car, you are entitled to round-trip mileage both when they drop you off and pick you up.
5. On the “Per Diem Entitlements” page: ensure Per Diem Rate reflects $97 / $59
6. On the “Accounting – Accounting Codes” page: click on the “Accounting Label” box, then select your unit’s fund cite (it will probably have a 17 in it for FY17), then press the “Save Allocations” button.
7. On the “Other Auths.” Page: click on the “Add Additional Authorizations For This Trip” button, check the boxes for “OTHER (See remarks below),” “PERSTEMPO CODE D (Mission Support TDY)” and “VARIATIONS AUTHORIZED” boxes, then click the “Add” box.
8. On the “Other Auths.” page: type “This training cannot be accomplished via VTC.” in the “OTHER (See remarks below)” box and type “Travel dates may vary if schedule changes” in the “VARIATIONS AUTHORIZED” box.  There is no need to enter any text in the box “PERSTEMPO CODE D (Mission Support TDY).” 
9. Press the “Save And Proceed To Pre-Audits” box. You will have a “LODGING NOT USED” flag, click on Reasons Codes and select “L2 – Mission Requirements,” then click “Save.” Type in “All events will take place at one location, which includes lodging and meals at the GSA rate.” Now click the “Save And Proceed To Digital Signature” box, then click the “Submit Completed Document” box.