Monday, April 16, 2018 - Thursday, April 19, 2018
Paradise Point Resort & Spa, San Diego, California, USA

The Full Program with the abstracts can be found at under “timetable”. The site/program is searchable and accessible from your cell phone.

A pdf file of the scientific program can be downloaded here.

The conference will follow the same format as previous editions, with afternoons open for discussions and exchanges (except on Tuesday, with the banquet scheduled for the evening).

April 15, 2018
April 16, 2018
April 17, 2018
April 18, 2018
April 19, 2018
(8:30AM-10:30AM, 10:30AM-12:30PM)
  Session #1
(Invited Talks) and #2 (Posters)
Session #5
(Invited Talks) and #6 (Posters)
Session #9
(Invited Talks) and #10 (Posters)
Session #13
(Invited Talks) and #14 (Posters)
(2:00PM-4:00PM, 4:00PM-6:00PM)
  Break Session #7
(Invited Talks) and #8 (Posters)
(6:30PM- 8:30PM, 8:30PM-10:30PM)
(4 PM to 7 PM),
(6 PM to 8 PM)
Session #3
(Invited Talks) and #4 (Posters)
Banquet Session #11
(Invited Talks) and #12 (Posters)

Invited talks are 25 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions. Each session will begin with a series of invited talks followed by a poster session. There are no parallel sessions.

Format for presentations should be 16:9

Poster boards are 4 feet by 8 feet (landscape) and will be standard pushpin style (pins will be provided)

Further details of the scientific program will be posted as they become available.

Please note that the lunch break on Tuesday may be short. Box lunches are offered, but you need to include it with your registration. 

Invited Talks

Monday Morning April 16th 2018

Chair: D. Brower

1.1 M. Van Zeeland, “Tests of a Full-Scale ITER Toroidal Interferometer and Polarimeter (TIP) Prototype”

1.2 J. Katz, A High-Throughput, Pulse-Front-Tilt–Compensated Streaked Spectrometer for Picosecond Optical Thomson Scattering from Electron Plasma Waves”

1.3 E. Davis, “A combined interferometer/phase contrast imaging diagnostic for multiscale fluctuation measurements”

1.4 T. Biewer, “Dual Laser Holography for In-Situ Measurement of Plasma Facing Component Erosion”

Monday Night April 16th 2018

Chair: C. Domier

3.1 F. Wang, “Innovative diagnostic techniques for ICF on the ShenGuang-III laser facility in China”

3.2 L. Stagner, “Inferring the distribution function from diagnostic measurements”

3.3 S. Haskey, “Active spectroscopy measurements of the deuterium temperature, rotation, and density from the core to scrape off layer on the DIII-D tokamak”

3.4 M. Kocan, “A steady state magnetic sensor for ITER and beyond: development and final design”

Tuesday Morning April 17th 2018

Chair: T. Hilsabeck

5.1 B. Kraus, “Absolute Calibration of a Time-Resolved High Resolution X-ray Spectrometer for the National Ignition Facility”

5.2 L. R. Benedetti, “Derivation of a 3D volume in highly distorted ICF implosions from multiple line-of-sight imaging”

5.3 A. Langenberg, “Prospects of X-ray Imaging Spectrometers for Impurity Transport: Recent Results from the Stellarator Wendelstein 7-X”

5.4 K. Engelhorn, “Sub-nanosecond Single Line-of-Sight (SLOS) X-ray Imagers”

Tuesday Afternoon April 17th 2018

Chair: J. Frenje

7.1 X. Du, “An Imaging Neutral Particle Analyzer for Precision Measurements of the Confined Fast Ions in Fusion Experiments”

7.2 P. Volegov, “Reconstruction of the cold fuel shell in ICF experiments using neutron imaging at the NIF”

7.3 A. Moore, “A Quartz-based Cherenkov Radiator for High Precision Time-of-Flight Measurement of DT Fusion Gamma and Neutron Spectra”

7.4 D. Donovan. “Utilization of outer-midplane collector probes with isotopically enriched tungsten tracer particles for impurity transport studies in the scrape-off layer of DIII-D”

Wednesday Morning April 18th 2018

Chair: T. Biewer

9.1 W. Meyer, “Tomographic Analysis of Complex Plasmas”

9.2 L. Reusch, “Using Integrated Data Analysis to Extend Measurement Capability”

9.3 P. Knapp, “Multi-Objective data analysis using Bayesian Parameter Estimation for the Interpretation of Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion experiments”

9.4 N. Izumi, “Simultaneous visualization of wall motion, drive beam propagation, and implosion symmetry by using hohlraums with thin-wall patches at the National Ignition Facility”

Wednesday Night April 18th 2018

Chair: G. McKee

11.1 M. Griener, “Helium line ratio spectroscopy for high time/spatial resolution plasma edge profile measurements at ASDEX Upgrade”

11.2 S. Patel, “Spatially Resolved Spectral and Magnetic Field Measurements on High Power Diodes”

11.3 M. Jakubowski, “Infrared Imaging Systems for wall protection in the W7-X stellarator”

11.4 S. Zoletnik, “Advanced neutral alkali beam diagnostics for applications in fusion research”

Thursday Morning April 19th 2018

Chair: G. Rochau

13.1 S. Ali, “Using 2D velocimetry to probe the hydrodynamic instabilities from non-uniformities in ablator materials”

13.2 H. Geppert-Kleinrath, “The new Pulse Dilation – PMT Gas Cherenkov Detector for gamma reaction history at NIF”

13.3 C. Samuell, “Verification and Validation of Doppler Coherence Imaging for 2D Ion Velocity Imaging on DIII-D”

13.4 M. Austin, “ECE system for ITER”