Read Before Registering!

Current as of 25 Oct 16

Review this document before registering and completing your TDY orders.  It includes important information about the event and lodging. If you still have questions, contact SAF/PAR at (703) 697-6701 or DSN 227-6701.

The entire seminar, including all meals and sleeping rooms, takes place in one all-inclusive facility.  Overnight guests pay a daily Complete Meeting Package rate equivalent to the government rate for lodging and meals; daily attendees (commuters) pay a daily rate equivalent to per diem for three meals ($59). 

Registration is a two part process for everyone including daily commuters, a three-part process if needing a shuttle from the airport to the hotel.


Seminar Information

Who should attend? 

The seminar is open to the entire Air Force Public Affairs team--active, Reserve and Guard officer, enlisted and Air Force civilian leaders from across the career field.  People occupying the following positions are especially encouraged to attend or send a representative:

·                 Wing/center/NAF/FOA/DRU PA chiefs/directors

·                 Air Force band commanders and chief enlisted managers

·                 MAJCOM PA directors and chief enlisted managers

·                 Air Force Public Affairs Agency director, senior enlisted manager, directorate heads, and combat camera squadron commanders and senior enlisted leaders

·                 The senior Air Force PA officer and senior enlisted advisor assigned to each Joint command, JCS, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Media Activity directorates, DINFOS, and DOD agencies

·                 AFPC PA assignment managers

·                 SECAF, CSAF and CMSAF PA advisors

·                 SAF/PA division chiefs, career field managers, media advisor, and NY and LA field office chiefs

·                 Air Force-level winners of individual categories of the 2016 Air Force Public Affairs Communication Excellence Awards and one representative from the winning organizations of the Air Force Public Affairs Director’s Excellence Awards (winners will be announced in mid-November)

Contractors and sister servicemembers or sister service civilian employees are not authorized to attend.



Where will the seminar be held?

The seminar will be held at the National Conference Center, 18980 Upper Belmont Place, Leesburg, VA 20176.  The facility is located 12 miles north of Dulles International Airport. 

Am I required to stay at the National Conference Center?

Yes.  People who do not live in the National Capital Region and need lodging are required to stay at the National Conference Center.  Our event contract is based on attendees staying there; doing so will also ensure people avoid traffic and scheduling difficulties. 

How do I book my room?

You must book your room through this seminar registration website; do not call the venue directly or reserve online by going directly to their website. 

What is the nearest airport?

Dulles International Airport is 12 miles away.

Is there an airport shuttle?

Contract shuttle service is available to and from Dulles Airport.  Cost is $35 per person each way or $70 round trip. While making hotel reservations at the National Conference Center, there is a link on the venue’s website to the BCC Express website to make reservations for contract shuttle service from/to the airport.  People make their reservation with BCC Express and pay that separately online.  If you cancel your attendance at the seminar after registering, you must also cancel your BCC Express reservation; cancellation will not happen automatically.  Taxi service is also an option.

Is parking available at the conference center?

Yes.  The National Conference Center offers free self-parking.



What is the schedule? Will there be MAJCOM breakout meetings?

The seminar itself is Tuesday-Thursday, 6-8 December 2016.  Some MAJCOMs (or other parent units) have scheduled breakout sessions Tuesday evening or Friday morning.  Review MAJCOM breakout tab before finalizing your travel arrangements and preparing your TDY orders.

What’s the agenda/list of presentations?

A final agenda will be posted once all presentations have been confirmed. 

What are the seminar hours?

The seminar will typically run from 0730–1700, excluding evening activities like Monday’s icebreaker reception, Wednesday’s banquet, Thursday’s social event, and MAJCOM breakouts Tuesday evening or Friday morning.

Is there an icebreaker?

Yes, the icebreaker will be at the Black Olive Bar in the National Conference Center from 1900-2030. Public affairs people who are not registered for the seminar are welcome to attend, as are guests.

What do I wear?

Dress for military members is any combination of blue uniform for seminar meetings and service dress for the banquet; ABUs are not authorized.  Dress for civilians is business casual for seminar meetings and coat and tie or equivalent for the banquet.  Dress for Monday’s icebreaker and Thursday’s social event is civilian casual. Dress during MAJCOM breakouts for military members is any combination of blue uniform (business casual for civilians); as an alternative dress for MAJCOM breakouts, attendees may wear the new AF Public Affairs shirt (polo or tee). Shirts may be ordered through the links provided on this website and may be picked up at worldwide.



What is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is Monday, 21 November 2016, or when we’ve reached maximum capacity, whichever is earlier. 

Steps for registering

1)      Register for conference at this website.

2)      Once registered, a confirmation email is sent (within 24 hours) which directs attendees to the National Conference Center’s website to reserve a room or make payment for daily commuters. EVERYONE must sign up at provided link. Rates for overnight stay is $176.28 per day or daily commuter is $59 per day.

3)      Register by clicking “Make your reservation today”

4)      Next screen: “please enter a date” (enter the date you will attend)…. Then click submit.

5)      Next screen has three sections:

a.      Double check your dates

b.      Select your room (either standard room or run-of-house)… NOTE: run of house is the day guest with NO sleeping room required.

c.       Review, agree to terms and continue

Please Note: If you are bringing a guest to the banquet ONLY, please contact  SAF/PAR at (703) 697-6701 or DSN 227-6701.

What is the cost? 

There is a cost for attendees staying at the venue and for people who live locally and commute as daily attendees.

Cost for attendees staying at the venue:  The venue provides a Complete Meeting Package.  The cost for attendees arriving Monday and departing Friday is $705.12 and includes room and room tax (hotel does not accept government tax exempt letters) Monday through Thursday nights and all meals.  The total will be charged to your Government Travel Card and will appear as “National Conference Center” on your statement.   (Attendees who need to arrive earlier or leave later will pay an additional $176.28 per day Complete Meeting Package.)   To make sure you receive full reimbursement for lodging, on your TDY orders and voucher, list $97 (the maximum FY 17 lodging amount for this location) as your daily lodging  charge, and list the hotel tax ($20.28 per day) under Expenses/Non-Mileage Expenses. 

Cost for daily commuters:  The National Conference Center charges a daily fee of $59 for commuters, reimbursable on a local travel voucher.  Daily commuters are required to register in advance on the website due to limited seating. Badges for daily commuters will be picked up at Meeting Sites Pro desk outside the main ballroom.

Do I have to attend the banquet?

Yes; the banquet is part of the formal workshop agenda and the cost is included.  Daily attendees (registered attendees commuting from the local area) have the option to attend the banquet and will make this selection during registration.

I’m bringing my spouse/a guest on this trip.  Can he/she attend the seminar?

No; attendance at the seminar itself is limited to authorized registrants.  However, guests may attend Monday’s icebreaker, Wednesday’s banquet, and/or the Thursday evening social event ($26 fee applies to the banquet).  To register your spouse/guest for the banquet, please contact  SAF/PAR at (703) 697-6701 or DSN 227-6701.

When will my credit card be charged?

Cards will be charged on 21 November 2016.  The vendor will be National Conference Center.

What is the cancellation policy?

Individuals must cancel directly through the National Conference Center at least three days in advance of arrival in order to avoid cancellation charges.

Cancellation is a two- or three-step process.

  1. Cancel with our event organizer, Meeting Sites Pro, by calling (619) 749-1133.
  2. Cancel with our event venue, the National Conference Center, by calling (703) 729-8000.   (Even people who registered to attend as a daily attendee (commuter) and not for a sleeping room will need to cancel with the National Conference Center to avoid being charged.)
  3. Required only for people who also made an airport shuttle reservation.  To cancel that, call BCC Express at (703) 707-2020.

How can I make arrangements due to my special dietary needs?

There will be a place to indicate special dietary needs during registration.



Are there any specific statements that need to be on my orders?

Yes, there are specific requirements.  See the DTS Orders Instructions link on the registration website.

Do I need a rental car?

No.  All seminar events, meals and lodging are in the conference center facility, with both shuttle and taxi services between the center and Dulles International Airport.


Reserve Component Attendance Status

I’m an Air Force Reservist.  What do I need to know about my attendance status?

Attendance is unit funded.  Traditional Reservists or Air Reserve Technicians should check with their supervisor and unit funding manager.  IMAs should check with their supervisor or MAJCOM IMA manager.

Reservists may attend in annual tour status but must have permission from their supervisor and MAJCOM reserve manager.  Unit Reservists also can attend in annual tour status with approval from their unit supervisors and chain of command.

IMAs who live locally may attend in IDT status with the permission of their supervisor and register for the seminar as daily attendees (commuters).

Because of limited RPA day availability, annual tour and IDTs should be used first with RPA as a potential backup.  The Readiness and Integration Organization (RIO) detachment is the source of RPA days for IMAs.  Contact your supervisor for further guidance.

MPA days cannot be used to attend the seminar since MPA days cannot be used to train Reservists.

If you have additional questions on Reserve funding for the seminar, please contact your supervisor or CMSgt Bill Goben, Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs Functional Manager, at (478) 327-1751 or DSN 497-1751 or 

I’m a Guardsman.  What do I need to know about my attendance status?

Follow your unit policy and procedures regarding your status. If you have further questions on Guard funding for the seminar, please contact your supervisor or SMSgt Christopher Gillis, ANG Public Affairs Career Field/Functional Manager, (240) 612-9490 or